Thursday 21 April 2011

Tardy for the Party!

There's been a very busy squawking, scolding, clucking hen around these parts for the last few weeks. Thankfully she finished laying all her eggs in time for me to decorate with them, but I'm afraid I missed every single Easter linky party out there in blog land. Boo.

These jute eggs are a complete and shameless copycat from Thrifty Decor Chick. But...I think she might have copycat-ed them from someone it's all good. When I saw them on her site, I knew I HAD to make me some! And when I spotted packages of styrofoam eggs in the Dollar Store, I couldn't get my sticky fingers on them fast enough!

Of course in true Evie-fashion, I couldn't stop at one package...oh no! I had to get at least ten packs and five balls of twine! That's why my decor took so long in showing up.
These little stinks take for-EVER to wrap and glue!

(Be warned - if you try this at home - while the process is simple...wrap and glue your WILL burn your fingers silly with the glue gun. End. of. story.)

Then I thought I'd use up some curly willow twigs I had laying around. A few coats of off-white paint and I was almost happy with them.

I have generally always kind of turned my nose up at egg trees. So will someone please explain this next pic to me?

Maybe it's the third grade art project cherry blossoms...

I dunno...but whatever it was...I fell in love with it
and giggled almost the whole time while putting it all together. Huh?

Whatever the reason...this one is not being dismantled right after Easter.
I kinda sorta big fat heart it!

Happy Easter everyone!! Enjoy your dinners!
And don't forget the real reason of Easter!

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