Wednesday 22 June 2011

Antique Window Turned Coat Hook

Remember this window from this post?

When I saw it, I kind of envisioned turning it into a coat hook of sorts. I think the hinges on the top got me going down that path. Which then got me thinking about these little beauties....

Would you believe I bought these over ten year ago and have never used them?!
I found them at a sort of "dollar store" in Sweden on a holiday with my parents...of all places! I loved them, bought them, and have dragged them around BC and Alberta with me to every new home and never found a good use for them until now.
So now I am even more convinced a person should never throw anything away. Like, ever!
Ten years is a long time to wait...but still!
 (Sorry Hun! For some reason I don't think you don't see it quite the same way as me...)

After a good scrubbing of the window panes - which were gross and dirrrrrty - we did a quick bleach and water wash on the wood frame just to make sure any possible mold would be killed off.
Then Hubs fastened three picture hangy thingies along the back. Doesn't he make a great hand model? I made him get a manicure first.

Then he attached those hooks by using a really strong adhesive. I'm sorry I can't remember the name of it right now, but it's one that'll "stick anything to anything", according to hubby.  : )

Edited: Okay, just for you...I checked to see what it is. PL9000 - a heavy duty construction adhesive!

I wanted to hang this up in the kitchen by our back door. It's our only entrance to the backyard, so some sort of something was needed for hanging up raincoats, sweaters, etc. for coolers days outside.
Walking allllll the way to the stairs, down the stairs and to the front door for the kidlet's coats was really becoming way too much exercise, so obviously I needed to solve that problem.

I have to say it...I'm in love! There's just something about that old chippy paint that is SO charming!
And I am thrilled with how well those hooks tie in with the window - even ten years and two continents later!

Hmmm. Maybe a boxwood basil in an old pail would work too. Kinda diggin' that.

I just discovered this plant not long ago and now I'm fighting the urge to go buy about fifty more.
They're the sweetest things and this one makes the kitchen smell so yummy!

So now there are only four more windows stashed under the deck, waiting to be put to use somehow.

 I'm just hoping it doesn't take ten years to come up with something creative to do with those......


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  1. love this! and LOVE the little greenery in the tin!! so cute!

  2. I love what you did, I also love your photo's and styling!

  3. now that is a really great idea! i'd love it if you'd come over and add this to our Wicked Awesome Wednesday link party.

    We have fixed up old windows and put in mirrors instead of glass panes. You can do so much with them.

  4. Aww...thanks so much for the comment love!
    And I will definitely be over to check out the Wicked Awesome Wednesday party!!

  5. This is beautiful! I love antique windows :)

    Thanks for stopping by astepinthejourney!

  6. Thank you! Thanks for coming over this way! : )

  7. What a great idea and it turned out so beautiful. Looks like a Pottery Barn ad.

  8. Glad you saved the hooks! They're the perfect touch! Thank you for linking to Handy Man, Crafty Woman's Wicked Awesome Wednesday!

  9. Wow! What a compliment...thanks!!! :)

  10. I LOVE this!!!! Great idea!!

  11. Evie, I'm going to feature this on my Wicked awesome wed. link party this week. Come on over and pick up an "I've been featured" button if you'd like.

  12. OOoooh I love old windows!! And I love what you did with this one :)

  13. This is amazing!! Love everything about it - especially those hooks! I really need to get my hands on some windows.
    I've had a great time touring around your blog. It is always nice to run into another Canadian! {I'm in BC} I'll be feautring this on my facebook page. I would love it if you could link up a project {or two!} to my party. Following you!
    Jenn :)

  14. this is beautiful! Can't wait until I find the perfect window to do this with! :)

  15. I have one of those. Mine has the entire window,3 glass panes and all, painted antique white. Each pane has a hand painted, tole painting of different fruit.I found mine at an auction for 2 or 3 dollars. I love it. It has hooks along the bottom,also.


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