Monday 19 September 2011

Pinspiration Monday!

Happy Monday, everyone!

Today I'm excited to start something new.
 In an effort to provide you with more than just shots of my unmanicured hands and my latest crazy project, I'm starting Pinspiration Monday! I chose Monday, cause Sunday is about the only day I have no cleaning duties to occupy naptime...leaving me free time to pin like there's no tomorrow!!
That didn't sound quite right.

Well, anyway...without any further yakking...let me show what's been inspiring me (okay, making me envious)
this weekend!

This desk. I want. I want bad.
I know exactly where to put it and I want it.

Just a tiny bit cuckoo over the color combination here. Well, over everything actually.
The railing, the steps, the damask and especially the couch.

Are you seeing a theme here?
I am digging black and white BIG TIME lately.
It's just so crisp and fresh and clean and...oh...where's my paint brush?
I can't get over those chairs and the zebra rug.
Love, love, LOVE!!

Okay, enough of the decor. I'm starting to glare at all the oak trim around here.
How about this yummy goodness to add an inch to the hips?

Or this. I must be hungry.
I could eat this for breakfast, right?

Don't these little carmel apples look ah.may.zing?
I'm optimistic enough to think I want to try it making some myself.
And busy enough to probably never get around to it.
A girl can dream, right?

These look pretty stinkin amazing too.
Wouldn't these be fun scattered down a Thanksgiving buffet as part of the table decor?
(Thanksgiving is only a few weeks away here in Canada)

While we're on the topic of candy stunning is this candy table?
Okay, and the chandelier.
Makes me want to have a party just so I can do this.
Maybe a party for one.
That way I don't have to share the candy.

This just tickled my funny bone.
Hubby just thinks I'm weird...but I know the truth.

That's it for today, folks!
But one last thing...a HUGE welcome to all the newest BPPackages followers and "likers" on Facebook!!
You seriously  make my day! And week! And month!


  1. Great idea Evie!!! I'm slightly addicted as well! ;0)

  2. How about a party for two? I'll bring treats too :) Oh my, this is why I'm trying to stay away from Pinterest. I'm afraid I would literally spend days and days saying "love it, want it, must do...."

  3. That chandelier in the tree is killin' me Evie! Thank you for sharing. I love Pinterest! I could sit on it for days. It's like shopping and decorating and pretending this is what you are picking out!
    I'd love it if you linked up one of your projects to my first Linky Party!
    Hope you stop by.

  4. I'm so glad that I stumbled across your blog. Good job... Great pictures. Visit me at

  5. Hi Evie, Today I officially became a follower of your blog. I keep coming across your fantastic posts on different link parties and just had to take the plunge and join. haha I love your style!! And your blog is awesome!

    I'm in Canada too, Calgary to be exact. Stop by my blog and say hi sometime! = )

    ~ Catie

  6. Great roundup! I love Pinterest fun!!

  7. I soo loooove pinterest, now following you, Karima x


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