Tuesday 6 March 2012

Paint Colors...What To Choose...What To Choose...

Good morning, my friends!
Has Spring arrived in your part of the world yet? We were lucky enough to wake up to about two feet of snow outside this morning. Blah!

So I thought it was about time to bring you up to date on the progress in my mom cave/office/craft room.
The update? It's still a mess.
But slightly less of a mess than it was at the beginning of the year.
If you would peek your head into that room right now, you would see piles of things laying on the far end of the room, and then you would find the rest of the things piled everywhere in our guest room.
I keep praying no one will show up unannounced for the weekend until I can at least get the bed uncovered.
Tripping over a filing box (or twelve) in the middle of the floor is just the risk a potential guest will have to take, but I figure I should be kind enough to at least give them a bed to sleep in. I am so thoughtful, I know.

Anyhow...while it may not look like much progress has been made, there actually has been quite a bit. I've sorted through my piles of junk and now know what I will keep and what I won't. We have moved the armoire (WHY is that such a hard word to spell?!?! I have to google it every.single.time.) that was in the kitchen into this room and I now have all my fabrics lovingly folded, organized and stacked in there. I thought I had waaaay more fabric than I actually do, so now I totally see that as a reason to go out and buy more.
And the closet has been completely cleared out...as in no shelves, rods or anything. 

Now the room sits and waits. Waits for what you ask? 
Well I'll tell you. It waits for my to make up my stinkin mind about paint colors!! 
I can't quite figure out why this is such a challenge this time. Typically, I know exactly what color route I want to head down and it doesn't take too long to find what I have in mind. 
This time? Noooo. I think it's because the room is mine, all mine. And I'm scared of messing it up. 

First I thought I wanted to go along the burlapy, suedey line.

I love that this palette is called Mental Vacation!

But then I realized that it just didn't sit right. After all...I'm knocking myself out trying to get rid of all the brown tones in this house. Why would I purposely go and add more?
(No offense to those who love browns...it just doesn't work in this house.)

Then I came across this lovely palette of colors.

A bit of a departure, isn't it?
I was completely in love with this one and had 100% settled on it, in my mind.
Until I remembered that I had used a palette very similar to this in a washroom about 14 years ago.
Now, I know this is weird...you don't have to tell me...but I generally don't like to repeat myself. If I've done it once, I don't want to do it again, especially when it comes to decorating.

Sooo...back to the drawing board...er...Pinterest...we go.

I love the relaxing smoky blues of this palette.

The touch of lavender in this palette makes my heart go pitter patter.
I didn't think I was a fan of grey and lavender together, but apparently I am becoming one.

Again, more smoky greys and purples with a touch of sage.
Totally loving on it.
(Do people still refer to these colors as lavender and sage or is that "soooo ten years ago"?? Inquiring minds would like to know.)

I can't quite decide on this one. One day I like the girly hues and the next I find them just too pink.
I think in the end - at least for today - I am going back and forth between "Mountain Air" and "Succulent Tones", even if I have already "been there, done that".
If it were your room...what would you pick? What color palette inspires and relaxes you at the same time?
If you're on the hunt for some colors yourself, have you checked out Design Seeds?
If not, then you really must. There is so much inspiration and beauty to be found there and you never know... you might even find yourself looking at some colors and shades you hadn't previously considered!
Till next time!


  1. I haven't used Design-Seeds but it looks intriguing. As for your colors, I love...the first one, Mental Vacation!! It feels warm and relaxing to me. We're just home from a cruise and I'm still dreaming of the islands of the Caribbean.

  2. 1) Thank you for introducing me to the world of Design Seeds.
    2) "lavender" and "sage" are perfectly acceptable names (right???)
    3) How the heck are you going to choose?


    From what I see here, "Succulent Tones" are my favorite. Subttle, sophisticated and feminine.
    Can't wait to see what you settle one. (I'm sure you feel the same. Ha!)

  3. I´d choose the one called "mountain air"... Really really LOVE those blue tones!!! But I completely understand your hesitation, I´ve been searching the right combination for my bedroom for the last four months (and haven´t decided yet!!!)

  4. Just today I decided, after I picked lavender from my garden, that I was doing my dining room in sage and lavender. The flowers just touched my heart, hope my dining room does.

  5. Hi Evie! I really like Succulent Tones and Mountain Air. Tough choice! Good luck. I can't wait to see how your room comes together. I wish I had an extra room for my "stuff".

    Enjoy the warmer temps that are on their way! Bye, bye snow. =)

    ~ Catie

  6. Bottled Hues and Thistle Pink get my vote(s) :)
    Tanya Johnston


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