Sunday 1 April 2012

Welcome Spring Wreath!

Hello friends! How is your weekend going?

We've been looking out the window at a mixture of snow, sun, hail and rain the past few days.
 Yesterday I decided I'd had enough of being house bound, so I bundled up the kids in the stroller and off we went for a walk. I should mention it had been beautiful and sunny all morning. In my hurry to get out the door after nap time, I didn't bother to make sure it was still sunny (I know...that should have been rather obvious). About ten minutes away from the house it started to snow a little bit...then turn into an all out thunder/hail storm. Yay.
In spite of it, the kids seemed to enjoy it all from under the safety of the stroller "roof" and it was definitely good to get some fresh air!
Hail, snow or sun...this week I decided it was high time to get cracking on a spring wreath.
In my last post on decoupaged eggs, I mentioned that I have held onto last year's Pier 1 flyer all year since I knew it would provide some great inspiration this year!

When I saw this wreath/topiary...I knew I had to try it for myself!

Pretty hey?!
 I loved the idea of the topiary, but in the end I decided to keep it
simply as a wreath to hang on the front door.

It took a few weeks to gather up all my supplies since the Dollar Stores in town didn't have anything that caught my eye...and because what I already had on hand...I couldn't find!!!! (Something to do with someone being a little disorganized and scatter brained, but we won't say who that is.)
I used a grapevine wreath I already had on hand, some twiggy/eggy sprays from Dollarama, a bit of Indian moss, a spray of springy flowers from Jysk and some speckled eggs I picked up last year from Homesense.

Putting a wreath together always puts me into a sweat.
I don't know why, but I'm guessing it's the commitment of it all.
Once ya glue it down, you're kinda stuck with it. I know, I'm weird.
But because of my weirdness and commitment issues, I usually lay everything out on top of the wreath first before any hot gluing begins. Anyone else do this?

After a bit of experimenting and using my Pier 1 inspiration picture, I came up with a look I was happy with and finally went ahead and glued it all down. Once I can see that it's coming together, my breathing slows down and I can relax and enjoy the process!

I used a big, fluffy burlap bow instead of flowers, but I like the whimsical touch it adds...all cozied up next to the little mossy nest!

Welcome spring!
Have you made a wreath for the season?
I'd love to hear what you did!


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  1. That is so pretty! I love that it's rustic but still springy and fresh looking.

  2. It looks fabulous! Much better than the Pier 1 inspiration! Your weather is sounding like ours! Went to bed with rain, woke up with snow, had an afternoon of sun and now the dark clouds are starting to roll in. Kind of hard to feel like it is actually Spring! Maybe I need to make a pretty wreath like yours to get me in the spirit!
    Jenn :)

  3. Very pretty and oh so Springy, I love it! We've had A LOT of rain here in Oregon! Looking at Springy things helps me survive it! :-)

  4. beautiful wreath I reached here by chance but i want to return so let me follow you

  5. I love the wreath! You did a great job! I also am envious that you live where it is still cold some. I live in Tennessee and we did not have very much of a winter at all. But I resolve to enjoy the beautiful spring that is upon us even though I much prefer the fall and winter.

    This is the first post I have read of yours and am so glad to have found you.


  6. So cute! I love that it still has a natural look but still lots of fun!

  7. so,so,nice! I still have my Christmas wreath on the door, but now it's coming down, for sure!!! Hope I can find some things to make a nice wreath for spring too. Mo

  8. Your Easter wreath is beautiful! The colors are just perfect and the burlap bow is icing on the cake! ~ Jamie

  9. So cute and fresh looking! I love it!

  10. Very pretty! Love how this turned out!

  11. Thanks you for your comment today! I'm so glad to have found your blog!

  12. Beautiful wreath! I actually like it better than the Pier 1 pic!

  13. I just adore the wreath you made! Would love to have you join in on my first linky party Your ideas are great!


  14. What a lovely wreath! I never made one before but now that I have my own door to hang stuff on I really should start!

    I would love for you to link up and share:

  15. Your wreath looks so springy and happy, even if it is still snowing at times.
    Mary Alice

  16. Gorgeous! Thanks for linking up to Share the Love Wednesday!

  17. That looks very springy. I much prefer the burlap bow to flowers. I love the mini flowers, but larger faux flowers always seem a bit too artificial. I don't have anything on my door right now - I know, how sad! I really need to hop to it (get it - hop!)

  18. Your wreath is fabulous. I would love it if you would share this at our What’s It Wednesday blog party. Hope to see you there.


  19. What a gorgeous wreath and a great bow.


  20. What a pretty spring wreath! I love the burlap bow too, a really nice touch!

  21. Now that is one of the prettiest wreaths I have seen in ages. I seriously love it. There is something about the bow and the little nest together that I just am so crazy about! You always have the prettiest projects! Thanks for sharing this with us this week. Happy Easter!

    Take care,


  22. Me again! Thanks so much for sharing your fabulous wreath at The Creative Spark. I'll be featuring this tomorrow. Wishing you and your family a wonderful Easter weekend!
    Jenn :)

  23. Love your wreath...happy to find and follow your blog!

  24. Hey, I'm waiting for a new post! :)


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