Sunday 15 May 2011

My Kind of Recycling!

Remember this room?

Yah. The one that's supposed to be my office/craft/sewing room. This picture was taken a few weeks after we moved into our house, and I'd love to say it looks different now, but then I'd be telling a big fat lie.
It's jammed full of different decor items I've acquired over the years and don't quite have the heart to part with yet. Umm. There are a few problems here though...hubby uses this room for his work clothes and has to wade through knee deep treasures every morning to get to them.  Most of my items are rust, moss green, mustard yellow or have an oil rubbed bronze finish. Which looked nice in our last house, buuuuut...not so much in this house.
And...I kinda, sorta get this miserable little vibe that their days are numbered before a certain mister decides to take them on a little field trip to the dump when I'm not looking. Gasp! Say it isn't so!

So what's a girl gonna do when she loves her stuff, but her stuff doesn't love her house??

I got these apples off a clearance rack at Pier 1 and I still love them, but I'm really over the celery green now.

I really love this Winners clearance bitty too, but the ORB finish just isn't cutting it now.

How 'bout wrapping it up in twine?!

My fingers have barely recovered from all the hot glue!!

How about a shot of white paint?

Now that nice weather is finally here, I'm finding myself eyeing a lot of different pieces and threatening them with a white wash. I guess my love affair with black paint was a little short lived....

Now that's my kind of recycling!!

And as you can see, I've got my work cut out for me with all those things lining the shelves, furniture, and stay tuned to see what's coming down the line!

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