Wednesday 24 August 2011

Autumn Inspiration

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The last few days I've been sick in bed with a cold (boo! hiss!)...crummy when we're on our summer vacation. Waaah, poor me. The good part though...I've been sent to our room not to come out until I'm better (thanks, Hun!), so that has left me LOTS of time to blog, find new blogs and become a little more familiar with the wildly popular Pinterest.

I thought I'd do some snooping around for autumnal decor, seeing as the season is kinda waving hello to us in the near horizon. I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with Fall. I really love the crisp air, ripe apples waiting to be picked, cool nights by the backyard fire and of course, fall decorating. What I hate is knowing that dreaded winter is fast on it's heels. Ugh.

Ah well...let's choose not to think about that, shall we?
Let's look at some gorgeous inspiration instead!

I LOVE the funky argyle pattern painted on this pumpkin. So fun!!

A lovely luncheon by the barn? I'm all there!!

This one has me thinking about my shabby mirror turned chalkboard...hmmm...

Source: via Evie on Pinterest

I absolutely love the neutral simplicity of this wreath.

Same with this. Yummy perfect for Fall!

You all know my love of outdoor candles by now. Imagine how pretty these would be lining a driveway or sidewalk up to your house for a backyard apple harvest party?!
Loving these cozy vase sweaters!

Source: via Evie on Pinterest

There just something dramatic about these lacy covered pumpkins that I love.

Source: via Evie on Pinterest

What a great idea for a mantel. I love the simplicity of this arrangement.
What about switching out the rocks for pine cones, acorns or chestnuts?

A pumpkin made from a book? Yes, please!

Have these pictures got your mind swirling with new ideas?
Mine sure is!
Hmmm. I wonder if I can get away with sneaking downstairs and digging through my craft supplies?
Me thinks fabric pumpkins await!!!



  1. Love all the fall ideas you found. Makes me want to start decorating. But I think it will wait until after Labor Day.
    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Not sure which picture was my fav! I love the candle cozy (my new name for it - now if I knitted (well) I could make them!!) Anyhoo, I also LOVE the book idea!! Wowee wow! I saw some pumpkin thingies at a store while I was in the States a couple weeks ago, super cute but I thought "I could totally make those" we'll see if I my spare time????

  3. I love the pumpkin with black lace on it! Such a cute idea :D

  4. what great ideas for fall! I'm still trying to savor as much summer as I can, but it does make me excited for fall! thanks for the inspiration! I'm passing along the versatile blogger award to you! Grab the button at my blog here:

  5. love love love your blog! your newest follower!

  6. Im linking up at the DIY Showoff too, I can't wait for fall!! Love what you found!

  7. Love your finds! New follower from blog hop!


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