Thursday 18 August 2011

A Little Ambiance Please!

Here in Alberta, like everywhere, the days are getting shorter and the nights are getting colder.
I always get a bit sad this time of year knowing my much loved summer is starting to wave goodbye.
But on the brighter side...this time of year is perfect for spending the cool evenings by the fire in the backyard...not to mention adding a little candlelight wherever possible!

I'm a BIG believer in decorating the outside of my home as much as the inside of my home,
and that means adding some romantic candles wherever I can!

I found these candlesticks on the clearance aisle at HomeSense a few years back, and up until we moved here, I used them in our bathroom around the jacuzzi tub. I have not been able to find a spot in this home where they really "fit". These candlesticks, funny enough, actually are made of cement!
No messing around with the patina on these thank-you-very-much! I felt they would make a perfect addition to the garden and create some much needed ambiance.

I just needed some hurricanes to protect the candle flames.
Dollarama carries the perfect cylinder vase for $2 each. Can't beat that!

A little kitchen & bathroom silicone...

...a circle around the outer edge of the vase...

...and it was a lovely fit!

Just don't be silly like me and attempt to move them before the silicone dries!!!!
I was in a hurry...moved them...and smashed two of the vases all over the concrete.
Need I mention that the particular Dollarama that carries these vases is over a half hour drive from here?!
This post would have happened much sooner if I hadn't had to wait over a month
 to get my hands on another pair!!

Now all we need is a little twilight....

I love the dancing flames and the flickering light...

Not to mention a little bit of romance...




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  1. These are so pretty and make a grand statement! Awesome

  2. How awesome. So romancetic. Thanks for sharing.

  3. That looks so great! Love how perfectly they fit and what an easy project it is :)

  4. beautiful! Sometimes a little candle light is all you need to livin' up a space!

  5. Very pretty. They must be heavy. Your patio is lovely. I'm visting from Flaunt it Friday.

  6. Great idea! Your outdoor nook looks fantastic.

  7. Thats so pretty.. looks like a magazine spread..
    I am inspired~!

    found you on Kim's wow us wednesday..

    your newest follower:
    Sonny~155 dream lane

  8. That is a great idea. You did a brilliant job gluing them!

    I too love decorating with candles and have always got a few burning around the house.

    Best wishes and happy weekend,


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