Sunday 11 September 2011

Apple Harvest!

This past week, our apples decided they were ready for picking...

I love the heady scent of the apples in the cool evenings...absolutely intoxicating.

A few mornings ago, I quietly slipped out the back door before the kiddies woke up and had a little fun with our new camera and harvested all the apples I could reach.

I sincerely hope our neighbors didn't see me crawling around the dewy grass in my jammies
taking pictures of the apples on the ground...

...but if they did, they have been kind enough not to comment (to me)...

I'm smelling the applesauce already.

Apple pies...
in my dreams of course...
(Mom, could you please come back and bake us an apple pie?
 I just can't get them right!)

I'm dreaming up apple & marscapone dessert ravioli with a buttery, vanilla-y cinnamon sauce though...

Or apple crisp.
I can make a good apple crisp.


What are your favorite apple recipes?
Do tell...


  1. Apple Dumplings <3 Its just now autumn without my Grandmother's warm apple dumplings.

    And hey, the best pictures are sometimes taking crawling around outside in your jammies. I have done it more then once (;

    Hope you share your yummy goodies when you make em!

  2. apple bread pudding with brown sugar sauce! HEAVEN!

  3. Beautiful pictures! I'm a little green that you have apple trees. How wonderful! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  4. Oh yummy. I LOVE apple crisp. And nothin' quite beats a pot of homemade applesauce. Apple anything and I'm on board. Completely jealous of the haul.

  5. Gorgeous photos. I love this time of year.

  6. I've recently harvested a bunch of apples from our trees as well. Our favourite recipes are apple crunch, apple streusel muffins, & apple pie, of course! I posted some favourite apple recipes on my blog recently if you'd like to have a look:

    Best wishes,
    Steph @ Silver Boxes

  7. Great photos! Would love to know your apple crisp recipe...


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