Sunday 27 November 2011

Candy Stripe Ruffle Wreath

Happy Sunday everyone!
To all my American friends...I hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and have recovered from turkey overload!

This week I finally finished a project that has been swirling around in my head for some time.

The candy stripe ruffle wreath.
I really thought I was ahead of the game this year with my Christmas projects, but somehow time races away and my "to do" list is still rather long, with not so much time left to scratch things off!

This is the first time we've owned a home that is not more or less "open concept" I've been having loads of fun coming up with a few different Christmas decorating themes for different rooms.
I decided to go with a red & white theme in the kitchen, with a bit of a peppermint candy theme.
So here enters the candy stripe wreath!

Want to make your own?
Here's how!

First off, wreath forms are VERY hard to find in my little town for some silly reason.
I don't think anyone sells pool noodles here when it's below freezing either, so I had to resort to another method. Did I mention the nearest craft store is a 45 minute drive from here?
(And no, I don't live in a mountain cave, but it certainly is starting to sound like it!)
I read a tutorial by Classy Clutter on I Heart Nap Time where they used pipe insulation to create a candy cane form, so I figured it would work just as well for a wreath form.
And hey...I can get to a hardware store in a couple minutes! 
Even better - the insulation only cost me 59 cents. 
Me likey.

Just tape the two ends together with packing or duct tape and you have your form.
How easy is that?
If you need a form that has more structure (for heavier embellishments), you could fish a coat hanger through it too.

**Edited: Wow!! Apparently I have my head buried deep in the sand! Can you believe I had never seen a wreath form like this used in blogland before - with exception to the candy cane form? D-uh. Obviously I don't get "out" enough. I did, however, come across these handy little tips on dealing with foam insulation if it's giving you trouble. Mine never did, but if yours is...go over to this post by The Penny Parlour to get some great troubleshooting pointers.**

Next, I wrapped white satin ribbon around the form.
Because the insulation tends to melt under hot glue, you need to start gluing on the tape.

Then continue wrapping and fastening, by putting the glue on the ribbon - not on the form - as shown in this picture.

Next, I used painters tape to figure out where I wanted my red stripes.
(three cheers for the eagle eye who spots where I ran out of ribbon and used a crepe streamer!)
The painters tape is great because you can take it off and move it around until you figure out exactly where you want your stripes.

Mark little lines along the edges of the tape so you will have a guideline, then remove the tape.

I used a 2.5 inch biscuit cutter as a template for tracing out about a million little circles on red and white felt.
Okay, I exaggerate. Only half a million, give or take a couple thousand. 
Make sure you cut out the circles inside the pen marks! 
Otherwise it won't look pretty and we definitely want pretty. 

Take your circle, fold it in half, in half again and then snip off the point.

Glue down your little ruffle. Repeat many, many, many times.
Put your red ruffles inside the guidelines you drew earlier, and then fill in the rest with white.

I have seen ruffle or rosette wreaths before, but I have not read any tutorials on them, so if there is a "proper" way to do it, I'm not aware of it. I just glued my ruffles down however I thought they would look best...upside down, not upside down, get the idea.
The ruffle/rosette police has not come to my house yet, and I kinda doubt they will come to yours!

There you have it.
Be prepared to burn your fingers silly during the process, by the way.
But I think you'll be happy in the end!

I'm looking forward to showing you the rest of my kitchen soon, but that's another post for another day and another party!
Until then, I'm trying very hard not to eat all the sour cherry candies in that jar!


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  1. The red and white wreath is adorable and looks fabulous with your red and white vignette.

  2. I love it and I especially love it when you show it with all the other red/white decorations. I did a red and white mantel and it makes me think of candy canes! So pretty!

  3. Great tutorial & I love the peppermint theme! I pinned it for future reference. :)

  4. Oh this is beautiful! And I love your decor! I am pinning this is well. Thank you for sharing.

    Found you via link party.

    Have a wonderful Holiday Season! :o)

  5. Okay, that looks great, but I don't know if I would have the patience. My luck I would finish a little bit each holiday season. LOL, feel free to send one to me though.

  6. So adorable! Hope you will share this on Thursday too :-)

  7. WAY cute! Love it and the high contrast of the red and white!

  8. So Cute! I love the red and white. You totally need to share this on Thursday for a beautiful Vignette as well! Love...Love...

  9. I agree. The whole vignette is so pretty. Love the red and white stripes for the wreath.

  10. So super cute. I especially love your display. Thanks for sharing.

    Sapphire @ Life with My Pollitos

  11. Wow this is beautiful! Loving the random stuff you used to make it!

  12. Adorable! I love the name of your blog too. I can hear Julia Andrews singing...Thanks for "Stopping by" today.

  13. Oh this is so cute - I love how it looks with the white tree... I have that pipe insulation stuff around my fire place to protect little heads from concussions. Not pretty, but it's so much cheaper than the child-proofing stuff (we have a 2-sided fireplace). Thanks for sharing this great project.

  14. I love this. Thanks for the awesome tutorial. I would love it if you could link this up to our linky party going on right now.

  15. beatiful tutorial, thank you for sharing, i am new in blog. also i do some felt works too.
    have wonderful days

  16. This is beyond beautiful! I don't think I'd be able to sit still long enough to cut out all those circles. But man, what a great result!

  17. I absolutely love this. It would look so cute with what I am planning for Christmas eve. Thanks for sharing and linking up!

  18. Oh my goodness, this is so much fun and super festive too! Love it and loving your blog too!

    Liesl :)

  19. Um...hello, you are so clever! Insulation? Who would've thought? Your wreath turned out perfect and I adore the tablescape you created. Too cute!

    (visiting from)

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  21. What a beautiful wreath. And yes, I'm sure if I attempt this I WILL burn my fingers at least a dozen times. Lol. I have a love hate relationship with my glue gun. I love your blog. I'm your newest follower.
    Would love to see you DIY Home Sweet home.

    P.S. I have a linky every Monday. Would love for you to stop by and link up.

  22. LOVE this wreath . You are soo inspiring..So creative and beautiful.: )) I would LOVE if you could please stop in and linky this terrific feature via my Pin’Inspirational Party happening today pweease… .. THANK YOU SO MUCH.. Wishing you an incredible start to your weekend.. Sincerely ~M

  23. Now what gluegun activity would be complete without some burning?

    So glad you shared with everyone at the Pin'Inspiration Party.

  24. I "Crazy" love it...I would love for you to share it at my "25 Days of Christmas" Linky party...

  25. That is brilliant! You are so clever. I love your festive vignette too. Great job!

    I am hosting my 12 Days of Christmas series at my Christmas blog at the moment and I would be so honoured if you could link up this post to today's Candy Cane post! I sure do hope you can pop by and visit!

    Best Christmas wishes,

  26. This is absolutely gorgeous!! Definitely Pinning it and running to the craft store right now! :)

    Would love for you to link up @ Find Your Craft Friday over on my blog... Have a great Friday!

    Emily @ BabyBerry

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    Sew Rugged @ bear rabbit bear

  29. So cute! I love the red and white combo! Thanks for linking up!

  30. cannot beat that price for the insulation...will have to check that out!!! love your wreath too!!

  31. Your wreath is terrific and the pipe insulation is a great tip! Thank you for linking this wonderful post to Potpourri Friday!

  32. I really need to get some of that insulation stuff! I love the red and white and your wreath is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing at this week's BFF Open House!

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  34. This is really cute. I will be featuring it at tomorrow's party.

  35. I love the wreath and the tree. Thanks for sharing. Stopping by from Shine on Friday. I hope you have a great week.

  36. What a great idea, I love your display! I am going to be featuring this at my party this week. Up later tonight. Thanks for linking up:)

  37. Gorgeous display. Love the wreath!!!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  38. This is just too cute!! I am not sure I have the patience to make it, but it is just adorable! Can't wait to see the rest of your kitchen. :-)

  39. This is such a great Christmas vignette!! Love the festive colors!
    I'd love it if you linked this up to my first ever Holiday Party!!

  40. Hi Evie! LOVE your beautiful wreath, and can't thank you enough for the pipe insulation tip! I will definitely be looking for this on my next trip to the hardware store! Thanks so much, and Happy Holidays to you!! ~tina

  41. Just wanted to let you know that I featured this on my blog this past week!


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