Tuesday 19 June 2012

Magnolia Bakery Cookbook

If I haven't told you before, allow me to fill you in now. 
I have an addiction. 
Yep...it's true. 
A very deep addiction to cookbooks. 
I will rather sheepishly admit that my heart skips a beat when I have to do a big grocery shop because I know there are tables of discounted cookbooks at our local store all the time. 
And I just never know which cookbook I will have to buy. 
I'm telling you, it's a disease. 
Not because cookbooks are bad...but because I very rarely use them after I've purchased them!! 
Someone please tell me I'm not alone in this craziness. 

Well, last Christmas I spotted this cookbook
I knew I had to have it, but I thought I'd be smart about it this time and add it to my Christmas wish list instead (it's not as bad then, right?). Well, hubs was already going a different direction with gifts (lots of fabulous photography goodies), so I was left with no choice but to go out and buy it for myself after the holidays. Right? 

Well here's the thing. I went on a diet right after Christmas. I've never been there, so I can't say for sure, but I have a feeling that diets and Magnolia Bakery don't mix well. 
So the cookbook sat all sad and forlorn for months. 
Until today! 

My little 3 year old missy and I decided to make their recipe for Banana Coconut Pecan Bread. 
Looks yummy, right?

I indulged in a little slice (still warm, thank you very much) along with the kiddies and...mmm...it has a beautiful, light texture and the toasted pecans and shredded coconut add a nice, subtle flavor.
I like that they called for toasted pecans instead of the usual walnuts. And the best part? It calls for 1.5 cups of mashed bananas! My hubby is the only one who really eats bananas around here and to say he's picky about the ripeness of the banana, would be putting it mildly. A little too yellow and he will turn up his nose. Needless to say, I have a freezer shelf full of too-yellow frozen bananas waiting to be used up. 
I used five bananas for this recipe. Score!! 

I thought the idea of baking it in a tube pan was a fun twist (their instructions)! 
Has anyone else ever baked their banana bread this way? I kind of like it! 

So far I'm impressed! I'm really looking forward to baking my way through the whole cookbook! Maybe by the time I've gone all the way through, I'll be able to visit the real bakery in person. Wouldn't that be fun?! 

Interested in getting a copy for yourself? 
You can buy it online here

(And no, I haven't been paid for this...they don't have a clue who I am. 
I just felt like telling you all about it today!)

= )


  1. Sadly, I have so many cookbooks I don't use...chock full of amazing recipes...but I am a sucker for great photog and awesome "bread" recipes. I like the idea of baking it in the bundt pan and nothing beats toasted pecans. The toasted flavor adds so much. And actually, walnuts irritate my mouth.

    Post the recipe??? ;)

    Funny question...did you take the pic of that cookbook on your sofa? I think we have the same one. (Rooms To Go?)

  2. Ha ha! You're too funny. My outlook is, we could be addicted to way worse things. :o)
    The bread sounds delicious. You talking about baking your way through the cookbook reminded me that I was thinking that exact same thing the other day. Only, I don't know how I'd ever choose which one to start with!!!!

  3. LOVE all things cookbook too C: Almost as much as shoes!

  4. I have the same disease! And my hubby is exactly the same with bananas!

  5. OH that looks good.
    I finally cured my self of this addiction; it was rather odd for someone who hates cooking to be addicted to cookbooks. Now I just collect recipes!!

    Have a great day.

  6. What a lovely blog you have created. I have been going through your archives and looking at many of your past posts. I adore all of your fresh and wonderful ideas and the step by step instructions. What a sweetie pie! I am your newest follower, please accept my humble invitation to come over and visit. My blog is made up of art, sewing, re-purposing, music, gardening, photography, and paper crafts. I'm just a retired gal enjoying every day the good Lord gives me and considering them a blessing, Connie :)

  7. Hello Evie, I am over-joyed that you came calling and that you decided to follow. Your blog is so lovely and informative. The title is what first grabbed me . . . a little hint of Julie Andrews and who doesn't love Julie.
    P.S. be careful baking your way through a sweet shop cook book...Just remember to weigh in every now and then, and don't let all those sweeties stick to you. I could gain 100 pounds baking my way through that book. On the other hand, I would love to see all the goodies you make. Have a wonderful 4 of July, Connie :)

  8. Haha! What a funny addiction!! Love it. Love the recipe too---my husband will only eat bananas in bread form. I will have to try this!

  9. Hi Evie! I'm your newest follower (purehunnybee)
    So happy to meet you!
    I too am a lover of cookbooks!
    This looks like a fantastic recipe here...I love bananas and this looks like a great recipe.
    I'm looking forward to following you here in friendship. :)
    Come and visit and I'll put on some tea!


  10. You are not alone in your love for cookbooks. My husband always wants to know when we're going to try a recipe from my collection of cookbooks. He just doesn't understand. So I now purchase my books through iPad books or my Kindle.

  11. I operated the same way for many years! Finally took the few that I love and kept them and donated the rest to the used book sale at the library. I have been checking out new ones as I find them at the library. I also have the bad habit of copying or tearing out recipes and then never making them. Oh well, I could have worse vices! That cake sounds really yummy with a touch of coconut.

  12. No, you are not alone! I have quite a collection of cookbooks, and many of them, I read and enjoy and then, they sit on the shelf unused. I have a whole spectrum of them...and yet, I love them all! Once restricted to one shelf, they have taken over more than four....
    So, no, you are not alone.....that cookbook looks very yummy.
    Enjoy and thanks, for sharing....


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