Saturday 2 April 2011

I (don't) Heart Organizing!

But every once in a while it's gotta be done.

And look here - I don't just have a junk drawer! I have a junk dresser!
 (Mom or Dad - if you're reading this, you should probably just look away now.)

Before you judge too harshly - the wall paint is not our choice and we're switching out the batman hardware slowly but surely! I have big plans for this piece! But, for now, it's making an awesome junk dresser. (Sorry M&D!)


I really, really (do not) heart organizing. I actually just get really, really excited about all the cute baskets and nifty little containers that I can buy in order to convince myself to try it!

There's just a wee tiny little problem. Whenever I'm trying to find something, I have to do it fast. My two little kiddos are pros at getting into anything and everything they can when Mommy's not looking. And looking for anything in a hurry and not being able to find it, put's this momma in a very grumpy mood.

So...I made a trip to one of our local dollar stores and found all of these...

(Maybe not so cute, but at least they all match!)

And after ONLY a week, it evolved into this...

and this...

No more missing bills! No more hunting for my hammer! Which, by the way, I purposely bought in a lovely floral pattern, so that my hubby would never, ever be tempted to steal it. It totally worked!!
Now I can even find my phone charger - along with the chargers from the last five cell phones!

I (don't) heart organizing, but I sure heart finding things fast!

And I'm pretty sure Telus hearts me for finding my overdue bill and paying it!

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  1. Oh boy! I really need to stop reading your posts! I am seriously going to laugh to death! My guest room looked just like that earlier this week...however, my father-in-law is in town so I had to make it functional. I was up until 4:45am 4 nights in a row!!! I too am now able to find the last 5 cell phone chargers!!!! :-) My goal is to keep it this way now (organized)...the first person to move something is going to owe me $ from their piggy banks!


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