Wednesday 6 April 2011

I'm a Picture-Hanging Genius!!!

I have a sign that I love.
With two little kids, I really need this reminder around!

 This is the great spot I decided it need to go!
(Above the cabinets, not on the fridge with everything else)

Why would I choose an easy-to-access spot? That would be ridiculous, and totally out of the question!

That's when I got this fantastic idea!
I shudder to think of what genius ideas my kids might come up with after watching their mother.
See - I'm not really that tall. Here's the problem though...I'm not a Tori-Spelling-98lbs. either. One foot on that step ladder and all I could think of was the glass cracking and smashing up into lots of itty bitty pieces under me and me sitting on the floor with a very sore behind.

On to Plan B! My children are still completely bewildered at their mother.
On a different note - this could be a fantastic and very effective dieting method!

I am always extremely happy to let my hubby hang any pictures that have two nail-thingies. I just don't do tape measures and levels and all that junk. 
But right then I was totally bound and determined to get that sign up! Besides, we hadn't had breakfast yet and we were getting hungry! Somehow this idea miraculously popped into my head. (sometimes I wonder if I ever have an original idea at all)
I took a couple of those post-it tab thingeries and stuck them to the sign right smack dab in the middle of the nail-thingeries. The picture explains it better than me. Anyhow, once I had it centered on the wall (I may or may not have used a tape measure somewhat - okay very - sloppily just to see if everything was generally in the right place), I poked the nail tip through the tab flap that was sticking up. Then I measured from the hole in the tab down to the nail-thingerie. Then I measured down from the little hole in the wall and pounded in the nail. Does ANY of this make sense at all? Clearly I should never homeschool my children.
Well anyhow, it worked and I hung my very first two-nail picture while standing on my table!

Impressive, no? I strutted around the house like a peacock for about 15 minutes.
Then my whining, crying, hungry children forced me back to reality and I made breakfast.

About 5 minutes later, I somehow kneeled on something sharp but I managed to remember what the sign said in time and totally HELD MY TONGUE!
Someday I'm gonna get it.


  1. BTW, it's spelled "Genius". Sorry, just had to. :P.

  2. Ouch. You're right - I'll try to remember the use spell check next time.

  3. Oh my gosh!!! I just read your post and I am about to pee my pants! It was soooo funny/me!! 1. Standing on things you shouldn't 2. Dread hanging things with the two prong thingamabobs 3. Not feeding your children at a normal meal time because you're busy trying to accomplish something 4. Strutting your stuff because you were so proud 5. Not being suitable to homeschool Oh and 6. not being patient enough to wait for your husband! --- this sounded exactly like something I would have done! Thanks so much for making me laugh! :-)


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