Monday 23 May 2011

Garage Sale Season Has Begun!

Garage sale season has started here! I've discovered it's pretty serious business in this town too!
I've also discovered that I have to be one of the worst garage salers (is that word?) in existence. 

 There's just something about the thrill of the hunt that gets me going...I look forward to them all week.
The anticipation of what I just might find is pretty high.

And then I get out there.
And something goes wrong. All wrong.


I found the a sign for this garage sale on my morning run. As soon as I got home, I jumped in the van and raced over. That's where I found these old windows. When I asked how much, the lady said, "how about a dollar each?"
Now. It seemed to me that was a pretty sweet deal. This is where everything went downhill. A dollar?!?! You'd think I could keep a straight face. But noooo....I had to go on an on about them only being a dollar and how I felt like I was stealing from her and blah, blah, blah. She left to help someone else, so when I came back to look at the stack of windows again, I kept on blabbering about how little she was asking for them. Her friends agreed she wasn't asking enough. Which made me feel even more guilty! In the end....I left with three windows and paid $10 for them. You do the math. I stink.

The only redeeming factor was that it was a fundraising garage sale for a church (I found out later).

The next weekend, I set out to find the Farmer's Market.
I'm new in town, remember, so it was a little tricky. But I found the building, packed the kids into the stroller and marched in. Someone at the door threw a bag into my hand and said I could fill it up for $2. Wow!
Then my eyes adjusted. I most definitely was not at the Farmer's Market. I still have no idea what it was all about...but it was a group sale in a small room where I couldn't escape without being noticed.
I threw four little grapevine wreaths in the bag to make a sympathy purchase, paid and left still wondering where the Farmer's Market was.
(I did find it eventually)

Next weekend I thought I'd be super smart and beat the crowds, so 3:30 Friday afternoon I packed my kiddies up again and drove around scouting out the sales. I found a very small sign for a moving sale, so I pulled over. No one else was in sight. This might be great news for some. But for me...I'm a little shy and I really don't like wandering around with everyone watching me. Well, the owner stood behind the table, arms crossed, silently watching ....along with her 4 yr. old daughter. Gaah. This is where I buckled...I couldn't not buy something with them staring me down like that. But I didn't want anything she had! In an effort to escape once again, I grabbed an old bleach bottle that looked interesting, paid $2 for it and ran away.

The next day I drove out to a greenhouse just outside of town. One of the farms was having a sale, so of course I had to pull over. Mercifully there were people everywhere so I knew I wouldn't have to make another sympathy purchase...phewf. That's when I found some more old windows! Now you gotta understand...I love me some old windows...but they really don't work with my current style!

Apparently that doesn't stop me, cause I came home with these two beauties.
I very sheepishly left them by the fence when I got home and didn't breathe a word to hubby about it.
Now I have a storage room full of things I have no idea what to do with, didn't necessarily want, and paid too much for. See? Worst garage saler in existence.

But is that gonna stop me? Nope.
I'll be out again all excited about what I just might find!!!


  1. Hey Stranger!!
    I am so glad you posted a link to your "new" blog on your old one!
    I have missed you my dear bloggy friend!
    I just sat here reading your whole blog...while my children cared for themselves...I see it as a lesson in independence, not neglect!

    I LOVE the new blog and all your creativeness! We are moving in a couple weeks and I could used your eye to help me decorate!!

    So glad to be "following" you again, in a non-stalker way of course.


  2. Hey!! So glad to "see" you too! : ) Thanks for finding me again! Can you send me the link to your blog again too, please?! I want to catch up on your bloggy life too!


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