Monday 2 May 2011

Not Always So Black And White!!

So. I feel a bit dumb about this post. For some reason, I find updates about our bedroom re-do sooo hard to write! I mean really - who wants to read about my curtains? Probably no one. Except maybe my mom. Hi, Mom! Then again, I know I kind of rather like reading about other people's post or's the skinny on my curtains...err...drapes?

Basically I came thisclose to unknowingly derailing my whole plan of going contemporary. I like black, I like damask fabric and I like a thrifty find. The panels you're looking at fit the bill in every way. So, I clipped them up. And by the way, this is my first experience with drapery clips and I have to say I LA-HUVE them....can it get any easier? Anyhow. Not too bad, right? I really, really like the black accents with the grey blue walls. Yum. But for some reason, it just didn't sit right. More like - it kind of drove me crazy - but I didn't really know why.

So I threw an old bed sheet up there just to see if that changed things for the better.
Nice, but still pretty froo-froo.

How about all white?
Ahhh - suddenly it feels like I can breathe again. Then I remembered my initial goal. Light, airy, bright and contemporary. Hey, that rhymed!
Some how I had managed to steer myself towards a Victorian/Gothic reproduction! Umm...not quite the look I was going for.

So much better!! Until I can find me some white dupioni silk that is actually affordable for the working class...bedsheets it is.

Now - can I rant about how much I big, fat HATE window blinds for a minute? Arrrgh! If I could, I would take every single last one down and burn them while doing the happy dance. Really can't stand the stinkers.
But, because of how our house is situated, about three different neighbors can basically see us turn over in bed...if they were looking. Hubs and I have an on-going debate where he's sure he's always making eye contact with the neighbors and I think he's crazy, cause I'm sure no one's looking. Anyhow. That's why we have blinds. Forgive me.

Next up in the room reno...our wall mounted fireplace!
 As soon as I can find the right surrounding decor!
I know...issues.

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