Wednesday 26 October 2011

Pinspiration Tuesday...err...Wednesday...

Wow. I feel the like biggest blogger LA-HOOOZER around.
Every week, I have the greatest intentions of getting these posts drafted up on Sunday afternoons.
It almost never happens.
Thank you for bearing with me. This week I blame it on Potty Training Boot Camp.
I've been practically living in the bathroom all week, after all...

Okay - enough of that...let's get on with it!

I've been pinning a lot of food pics this week.
Mainly, I think, because I'm on a no-sugar kick right now.
Which makes me want to eat almost everything in sight, including this picture.

And this one.
Frozen S'mores?! Oh yes, please!!
Pass the plate over here!

Okay. It's maple glazed bacon.
Now - before you turn your nose up...I've HAD candied bacon before.
And it's good.
Very. very. good.

These are cheese strings wrapped in wontons and baked.
Sounds mighty fine to me!
Pass this plate over too, please.

What a cute and simple way of dressing up your cupcakes!
Love. it.

The last two weeks, BPPackages has had a CRAZY amount of hits from Pinterest.
Like - CRAZY. I quickly realized it was the post on coffee filter peonies that was drawing all the traffic.
I headed over to Pinterest to see what was going on (I never did figure out where it got started),
and in my poking around, I came across these GORGEOUS coffee filter roses.
Aren't they absolutely stunning?!! Love them.

Then I found this DIY ruffled scarf.
Ack! I want it!

Which leads me to these shoes.
They're not DIY, but they're ruffly like the scarf and just plain gorgeous.
But then - I'm known for having a bit of a thing for shoes.
Just had to share.

If I had those shoes...this is one place I would never wear them.
Although this chicken coop is fancy schmancy enough you could almost get away with it.
Seriously peoples! Isn't it amazing!
I have wanted a chicken coop in my backyard long before chicken coops in your backyard was cool.
I still want one.
Now I just want THIS particular coop.
Any ideas on how to talk my hubs into going along with it?
It's been five years of talkin' and I have been very unsuccessful so far!

I'd be happy with this chicken coop too...

And hey...if it looked like this on the inside...
well, I might hide out in there for a while.
Until the smell got to me, that is...

If you still think I'm nuts...just look at what I could make with those fresh eggs!
Mmm hmmm!!



  1. OK, I had breakfast not to long ago and those food pictures are making me hungry!! Love those ruffly shoes, also.


  2. Everything looks so good!! I think I need a pair of those shoes, I don't have any where to wear them, but man they're cute! :)

  3. I've got the instructions for the eggs on my blog and how about that coup as a Wendy house to hide out in? :)

  4. Love the chicken coops! What a hoot! The eggs look delicious (all the food is making my tummy growl). Bacon! But the cheese strings in the wonton wrappers may take the prize today! Happy Pinning!

  5. Gorgeous chicken coops! And all that food is makig me very hungry :) ...mmmm maple bacon!

  6. maple glazed bacon! that i would try! love that first pasta dish and those eggs. now i'm just hungry.

  7. Oh my word...these pictures are making me hungry and I have only just had breakfast! Thanks for sharing these at my Pinning & Singing party. I will be repinning quite a few of these for sure!

    Best wishes and happy pinning,


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