Sunday 24 July 2011

Cherry Cake and Other Fiascos

Yesterday my family had a big reunion on our former hometown. Since we were celebrating all the summer birthdays, my sister-in-law asked if I could make a cake to bring along. I somewhat reluctantly agreed, not being sure if I would have enough time to pull something off.
After a bit of thinking, I remembered this gorgeous cake that I saw on Amy Atlas' blog. Isn't it stunning??

I love everything about it.
The turquoise and red. The cherries. The ribbon. The two perfect layers.

So I decided to take inspiration from that, and create my own.
I should have known right then and there.
I should have remembered.
Cakes and Evie just don't seem to go together. I'm too much of a dreamer
and not enough of a think-it-througher.
I just don't think about all the facts.

I once made a blue heart shaped cake with cornelia lace all over it for my brothers birthday. All his friends were there. I wonder if he's recovered yet.
(I thought it was pretty and I was 13 at the time. He was kind enough to never once complain.)

I made a sugar cake layered with whipped cream and raspberries for hubby's 30th birthday. It did NOT occur to me, until I was halfway through icing it with raspberry flavored icing...that I was serving a pink cake for my arr-arr-I'm-a-MAN-husband and all his best guy buddies were there to witness it.
(He's made very sure I never forget it.)

I once spent an entire day baking and decorating a hazelnut torte with an elderly Swedish lady.
When I got home and got out of my car, I put the cake carrier on the roof of my car and turned around to gaze at the full moon. See? Dreamer.
The cake slid off the icy roof of my car and smashed all over the sidewalk.

Another time I catered a froofy garden birthday party. I had several layer cakes to assemble, so I just went down the line, methodically filling, icing and decorating. After a while I realized that I had forgotten to take the waxed paper off the cake layers of one of the now-fully-decorated cakes. I had a bit of red-faced explaining to do to the guests who had to pick paper out of their slices.

So you see? I should be catching on by now.
But noooo. I don't.
I decided this cherry cake would be two layers. A square layer of golden cake and filled with luscious lemon curd. Then a round chocolate layer filled with uber decadent bavarian cream.

Umm yah. In true Evie-cake-fiasco style, I yet again failed to remember that lemon curd just doesn't work for a filling. For cupcakes, yes. For donuts, yes. For cakes...NO! At least if it does...I have not figured out a way to keep the layers from sliding apart.
Not to forget that store bought icing is JUNK!!!! I KNOW this and I STILL try to use it every.single.time.
I did the best I could to get this cake to hold together, but was not to be. It slid all apart and the icing happily dribbled and pooled around the bottom.
This was all after I sliced my index finger open while trying to level off the cake,
which you can see didn't work at all.
Even if I had decided to make the best of it and use it regardless, I knew it would never have survived the 2.5 hour drive. So I had to give up altogether on using it. Which really was alright since the blue fondant I made three days before was only enough to cover the little 8" round level...

In the end I guess it turned out alright, though the cake was hardly big enough to feed
all the 10 or more birthday people, never mind 30+ people in attendance!!

It in no way compares to Amy Atlas' beautiful cake,
but I am rather fond of the little cherries and leaves.

Every time I left the room, the cherry "stems" would get a little shorter. My niece seemed to be a bit captivated with them and had a hard time keeping her fingers off!! Haha!

It's a far cry from what I had hoped for, but I still like the turquoise and red color combination. time I'm asked to bring a cake to a party, would someone please remind me to read my own post and then politely say "no"?




  1. Oh my you are so very talented. That is the prettiest cake ever! Thanks for sharing at my newbie party.

  2. I love the cake you made. It's beautiful!!!


  3. OMG...I can't stop laughing at you! you poor thing. But good on you for keep trying. Your cake ended up looking fantastic. You should be proud of yourself.

    you did bring a smile to my face today, lol


  4. Too funny! But the cake turned out beautiful!! Lovely ; o )

  5. Thanks ladies! It was fun in spite of the

  6. haha - loved the story of your history with cakes ;-) Your cake turned out wonderfully! Did you bring just the one or did you make an extra, simple, cake?

  7. Lol - thanks. I did bring the messy bottom layer, but in the end I was way too embarrassed to even take it out of the I went to the store and bought a pie. Hah!!

  8. This is such a cute cake! I love the turquoise next to the red cherries :) great color combo, and I bet it tasted great!

  9. VERY cute cake! I too love the turquoise & red combo - that was the colour theme for Silas' 1st birthday!!


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