Thursday 7 July 2011

A Little Cush for the Tush!

We have two very weather worn Adirondack chairs that found their home
 between two little fruit trees in our back yard.

This is the only shady spot in our entire yard.

Lately we've been getting a lot of sun (woohoo!!), so these chairs in the only shady spot in our yard, have become a favorite place for me to sit and watch the kiddies play. The chairs are pretty weathered though, so there are quite a few flakes and chippy pieces that make sitting and relaxing a little...uncomfortable.

So I started looking around for some nice outdoor throw pillows, thinking that would improve the comfort factor a bit and make things look a little more cozy and inviting along the way.
I really wanted something stripey...stripy?...stripey. And preferably with some fresh, crisp black in it.

I looked and looked for weeks. Nothing, nada, nope.

Then I took a trip to a fabric store in the closest city, dug through the remnant bin and look what I found!
A nice, crispy, fresh, stripey (stripy?) black and brown outdoor fabric for $9!! Score!

Yum. I snapped it up like nobody's business.

I already had lots of indoor throw pillows that I'm not using in this house, so I pulled the inserts out of a couple of them. They felt a little floppy and not as firm as I wanted, so I cut out some batting and very quickly (and sloppily...don't look!) tacked them together in a few spots around the pillow form.  

That did the trick and helped to plump them up nice and pretty!

One of my pet peeves is throw pillows that don't have a tight cushion cover on them.
So I measured the pillow and gave myself very little seam allowance, just to ensure that they would be tight!
I know...issues.

I just took this picture cause sewing makes me happy and I heart my sewing machine.

And voila!

So here they sit. I like them. And I like to day dream about sitting out here with a cool glass of club soda and fresh squeezed lime (it's yum in a glass, try it!) while watching the kids play nicely together and never, ever fight about who gets to play with the green shovel or ride the tricycle or go down the slide....

Hmm. The kids are napping right now...maybe I could steal a couple minutes....


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  1. What happens if you forget the pillows in the rain? And what if your kids drag them into the sandbox? Or the kiddie pool? Where do you store them the rest of the year? I like the colors though... ;p L.

  2. Haha! Well then at least it was only $9 lost!! ;)

  3. Ah, I have those same visions of my adirondack chair! So far, they have not become a reality. :( I know I just need to make the time, though! Pillows like those would totally help! I love the stripe. Thanks for joining the party!!! So glad you could make it! Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. Thanks Meg! And thanks for hosting! :)

  5. fantastic price on that material for your pillows! i love the chairs in the shade...nothing better than to find "a spot" to enjoy in the garden! xoox, tracie


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