Tuesday 13 December 2011

Christmas Home Tour 2011

I'm so happy to finally be finished my Christmas decorating so I can invite you in for a little tour!
Don't ask for any cookies though...that's still on my to-do list.
Coffee, however, I will happily brew for you and join you with a cup!

Come on it! We love company!

I think you'll catch on pretty quickly that Hubs and I are just a leetle Christmas crazy. I decorate the inside and he looks after the outside (which he loves...aren't I lucky?!). You'll find that I can't decide on what style of decorating I like best, so this year I just incorporated it all into different rooms in the house. Sounds crazy, right? It might be...but we like it! The main theme that ties everything together is trees, trees and more trees of all heights, colors and styles!

Here are four lil cuties to start with.
Some may find it plain, but I really like the look of trees with only twinkly white lights.  

Especially when they are paired up with black lanterns and flickering candlelight.

(What I really don't like, however, is the not-at-all-attractive paint job on the stairway spindles! We haven't had a chance to change them yet, so please squint as you walk by!)

At the top of the stairs, I hung the chalkboard I made for the garden.
It happily states the reason we celebrate this wonderful season!

I didn't do much decorating in the living room...this little vignette on the dresser is all, but I have some big plans for next year!

I was so excited to find these aqua/white/silver/brown ornaments on sale this last summer, since the colors tie in so perfectly with the feature wall behind them! I love my white trees too, in case you haven't picked up on that yet from previous posts! *wink*

My mom gave me a box of chandelier crystals last winter and I'm nuts about the sparkle and glam they add to the tree! The silver and opalescent netting adds even more glitter, and you all know I love my glitter/sparkle/glam!

These faux mercury glass candle holders were a fun find last summer at a Christmas in July sale!

Another beautiful floral piece passed on from my mother's collection of Christmas decor...

I've already written a zillion posts on the kitchen, so I won't go into that here,
 but if you missed them...you can go here, here, here and here to read up!

Next stop is our bedroom!
You might notice a slight departure in style here. This is the one room we've managed to mostly renovate and make "us" so far...so needless to say...the Christmas decor in here is probably my favorite.

Yes...it's a bit of a tight squeeze to get past that tree, but it's okay...
it's on my side of the room and I'm willing to put up with it!

I normally use this heavy urn as a base for my night table, but come Christmas time it turns into a stand for this tree! I've been using it as a stand for years and I really enjoy the pretty touch it adds.

The ornaments for this tree were such happy purchases...all of them were either seriously discounted
post-Christmas finds, given to me or handmade. And funny enough...everything but the flowers were purchased before moving into this house and choosing final paint colors! Gotta love it when that happens!

The black and white flowers are handmade and I'll be posting the tutorial on those next week.
Make sure to check back!

The rest of the decor is fairly minimal but sparkle to the max!
This crystal bowl was a beautiful wedding gift and I love how it enhances the twinkling white lights.
(yes that's me in the silver ball...hi!)

Another dollar store clearance find...

Next stop is my daughter's candyland vignette.
Okay, maybe this one is my favorite! Hmmm...no...I think it's a tie.

You can find the tutorial for the glittery lollipops here.


Now we're going to head downstairs to the family room.
I set up our big green tree down here for a couple different reasons. We're not down here too much, so the ornaments are mostly "out of sight, out of mind" for our toddlers, which means there is a lot less "don't touch that!" going on. Secondly, the ornaments work perfectly with the wall color down here (also not my choice but I'm glad the ornaments work!). I'm almost a little embarrassed to show you this room because it's a bit of a mish mash of furniture that we don't know where else to put. Ah well...keeping it real as they say!

This is hubs favorite tree...he especially likes the warm, cozy shades of gold, bronze and cream.

A bronzy leaf wreath hangs on our big Ikea mirror over the sofa.

I love it's simple elegance.

Garlands hang over the two windows and the ornaments and vines echo the warm neutral tones on the tree.

A few candle clusters fill up some empty areas in the other parts of the room...

The last stop is the guest room! I couldn't leave that undecorated, now could I?
I love a rustic style decor too, and I thought this trio of alpine trees fit pretty nicely in between the antique wooden sofa and the antique gate leg table.

I hope our guests will enjoy the pine cones, red berries and twinkling lights during their stay with us.

Thanks so much for coming over! 

I'll be showing you our outside decor this week, so I hope you'll be sure to come by again! 


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  1. Wowzer!!! Everything is stunning. Fab job!

  2. Your trees are so pretty and I love the quotes on your chalkboards! Nice tour.

  3. Your home and Christmas decorating looks so beautiful!
    be a sweetie,
    shelia ;)

  4. Oh my gosh, Evie! I am obsessed with all of this. It just kept getting better and better! LOVE all your little trees. Especially the candy land tree. My 4 year old would just love it! Thanks so much for visiting yummy mummy - I'm very happy to have found your lovely blog and be following along :)

  5. I loved all your white trees with the sparkly silver and glass. But my favorite tree is the one in the family room with the warm bronze, cream, and gold. All of it is lovely.

  6. I'm so happy to have stumbled upon your delightful blog! You have a lovely home and I adore your style. You have a new friend (follower) in me. Pop over sometime!

  7. WOW I LOVE IT ALL!! especially the little trees and lanterns on the stairs as you enter! Martina

  8. Beautiful decor! Visiting from Wow Us Wednesday.

  9. Oh my word, girl!! You must be unpacking ornaments for days and days. I love it all. You're lucky your hubby likes it all. My hubby works in retail and pretty much can't stand it Christmas, since he's around it starting in mid-October. Can't really blame him, lol. I can't wait to see what you've done with the outside. Oh by the way, lovely pics!

    Happy Holidays, Evie! =)

    ~ Catie

  10. What a beautiful Holiday Home Tour! I would love for you to share it at my Shades of the Season party.


  11. This probably sounds so generic, but I really love EVERYTHING! It's all so pretty!

  12. Your home and trees are lovely! It is so hard to pick a favourite tree, but I love the uniqueness of the white one in your bedroom and the simplicity of the white light group with the lantern on the stairs. Candy tree is adorable too. Thanks for sharing your lovely home.

  13. Everytime I would scroll down farther, I would think Ooo this is my favorite and then I would scroll down farther and say..no this is my favorite! :) Beautiful home and I love your white trees.
    Blessings and Merry Christmas

  14. Love how you've mixed up the different styles throughout your home.

  15. Love it! Beautiful style! Thanks for sharing your lovely home.Joann

  16. It's all so gorgeous, sparkly and festive! LOVE!!!

  17. Everything is so pretty, and your photography is beautiful. I thought your bedroom was my favorite, then I saw the candyland tree! LOVE.

  18. Sigh! Everything is beautiful....we all have 'red spindles' of some sort in our homes...those little areas where we squint as we walk by...... I adore your daughters candy theme, I did a candy land theme for my daughter two years ago and she loved it! Thanks for sharing your beautiful home....xo

  19. Great job with your Christmas decor! I love the candy tree! Too cute. I'm now a follower.

  20. Fabulous Home ! Thanks for sharing!

  21. Stunning, beautiful, and just incredibly Christmasy! GREAT job!

    xoxo laurie

  22. Your home is so pretty and festive.

  23. What a treat to get to see all of your lovely Christmas decor. I really like the black lanterns alternating with the trees. The candyland tree/vignette is precious. And I really like the rustic bird house on the tree in the guest room. I hope you will share this and more of your great style at my Show & Tell link party. It starts on Wednesdays each week at mrshinesclass.wordpress.com


  24. One word... Beautiful. I would love for you to link up to my Christmas Party @ http://sewstylishboutique.blogspot.com/ I also have a Crafty Lassie Tuesday each week you can come and link up to.
    Thanks Rose

  25. Beautiful Home Tour. Love all your pics. And your white trees are adorable. Visiting from Serenity Now!

  26. I love it ALL! You've done a beautiful job! I'm totally in love with the candyland tree {and pinned it!}. Adorable!

  27. What beautiful decor - I think my faves are the candy tree and the bronze wreath...but it's all gorgeous! thanks for sharing your home, and happy holidays!

  28. Your have a beautiful home! I love all the decor!! Great job!

  29. Wow!! Everything looks beautiful. I love all the different trees. Your daughter's room and your bedroom are my favorites. Love all the little special touches, too.
    Hope you can stop by my blog and check out my Christmas decor.

  30. How fabulous that you have chosen to decorate with different themes. I cant decide which one is my favourite! I love the little twinkling fir trees on the stairs they look so inviting. Thanks for sharing.

  31. Hi Evie...

    Ohhh my goodness...you home looks FABULOUS all dressed up for Christmas!!! I really do love everything but your bedroom...that gorgeous white tree...and all the pretty silver...just made my heart go pitter-patter! I also love the "Candyland" tree! Wow...sooo many beautiful Christmas vignettes and I have to say...your photos are "out of this world" gorgeous!!!

    Thank you for sharing your gorgeous Christmas home with us, Evie! It was such a treat!

    Warmest Christmas wishes to you and your family!

    Chari @Happy To Design

  32. I LOVE that you put up several trees - a girl after my own heart! The tree in your bedroom is GORGEOUS! Thanks for sharing!

  33. B.E.A.U.T.I.F.U.L.
    You put my house to shame! I mean...you inspire me! Lol. Truly, everything is gorgeous.
    I read your "about me". I think we're a lot alike, except I'm finally out of the toddler stage and actually have a few hours a day when my kids are ALL in school...and although I SHOULD be scrubbing those toilets, dishes or wiping up dust bunnies, I find lots of other ways to fill my day. Haha. (There's so much more to life than that...yes? ;)

  34. I LOVE it all!!! Everything looks so gorgeous and the white tree in your bedroom is beyond fabulous! Love that it is in that urn. Thank you so much for sharing this at Inspiration Friday this week!

  35. Oh my goodness you have some beautiful decor...love all your WHITE trees!!!


  36. Everything looks so beautiful--great photography too!

  37. Love the look of the peachy colored ornaments

  38. Your holiday decor and the tour is stunning! I do like the way you put the post together with the mosaics intertwined throughout!

    Thank you for linking this beautiful tour to Potpourri Friday!

  39. Your home is beautiful!! I especially LOVE all your white trees!!
    I would love it if you linked this and any other posts up to my new party!!

  40. everything is so beautiful! love the lighted bowl!

  41. Beautiful! Your blog is lovely and so are your decorations! I love all of the little Christmas trees! :)

  42. You have a beautiful home and your decors are lovely! Love all your trees :)

  43. Hey, just wanted to let you know that I am going to be featuring this tomorrow from the Show & Share party! Thanks for linking up a great project!

  44. Very homey and oh so festive.
    Merry Christmas

  45. everything looks amazing! i looove that white and silver room!

  46. I think it's all beautiful, but the alpine trees are my favorite.

  47. Absolutely beautiful! My favorite is the all white Christmas tree. Delightful!


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