Friday 9 December 2011

Christmas In The Kitchen

I wasn't sure if I dared to do yet another post on the decorations in my kitchen...just in case I would blow your level of interest...but then I realized if I left all of the Christmas decorating in the house for one post...well...your computer might blow up instead. Or something like that.
And besides...the kitchen is the most decorated room in our's the heart of the home after all and we spend most of our time here (yes, even over the TV room!).
And really - I just wanted an excuse to join in with At the Picket Fence's Christmas in the Kitchen block
party!!! (after all that - did I really need so many excuses?) 

Well here goes! When I spotted the vaulted ceiling in the kitchen/living room when we moved in, I immediately knew that come Christmas time I wanted to do something a little out of the ordinary on top of the cabinets!
So I set up a prelit four foot tree, complete with a little "snow", berries and pinecones...

The little sled is one of my favorites to decorate with, and it's always a surprise where it will end up each year! I love filling it with..cough...ahem...brown paper packages...and throwing a little lit up tree in the back. It makes me think of some old fashioned scene (in my head...I have a good imagination!) of children pulling a toboggan full of gifts out in the snow. Told ya I'm a dreamer!

The apothecary jars were good ol' Home Sense clearance finds, and I love them filled with glass balls at Christmas time!

The wreath was another clearance find years ago...and I like continuation of the wintery/outdoorsy style even over the kitchen sink!

Recognize this little "Joy" ornament from my Christmas in July shopping spree?!

These are the only snowmen I have, but I think they're so durn tootin' cute!
They kinda remind me of Hubs and I...although I doubt I'd ever be able to convince him to wear a rose in his top hat.

I'm sure most of you have seen more than enough posts on the candy stripe wreath and advent tree, so I won't bore you to tears with more on that...

Although I will say this....that candy jar with sour cherry balls is half empty now.
(What??! Christmas is only like...two weeks away!)

I never would have guessed when I found this old scrappy window, that it would turn into such a loved piece of "art". It was supposed to be a coat hook, but I'm afraid I have taken over with hanging decorations off it instead. I just can't resist!

My sister in law gave me this vintage reproduction postcard/ornament, and I have always loved it.
I thought it would look nice hanging here instead of the usual seasonal wreath. I love the wintery scene...and the glitter of course!

Hubs old boyhood skates are hanging up as a little touch of nostalgia.

A simple twisted together swag of red berries completes the outdoorsy feel...

You've likely already seen my shelves filled with old and new pieces and memories in the post

Last, but not least, our simple Christmas table with a special runner made out of linen tea toweling from my late Grandma's fabric stash...

At the end of our table sits a funny little three legged bench, draped with a cozy blanket and furry pillow. Perfect for snuggling with my babies...or as extra seating when we have company.

I'm so loving having advent candles this year and passing on the tradition of lighting another candle every Advent Sunday to my children.

All the dinnerware was given to us as shower gifts before we got married.
I love the simplicity of the white and burgundy red together.

These glasses are another special-to-me addition.
My dad was traveling in Europe on a speaking trip over my birthday many years ago, and he felt so bad for not being home, that he picked out these beautiful goblets as a special gift when he came back home.
(I was not upset that he was away, by the way...I was in my 20's and "mature" enough to not throw a fit thankfully...haha!)

More shower gifts that match the red luncheon plates...

Thank you for joining me on this little tour of Christmas in our Kitchen!!
I promise my next posts will definitely be about other rooms in the house, and I'm especially looking forward to showing you the outside too!

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  1. So glad that you did :-) Beautiful ideas.

  2. I loved every pic. Thank you for sharing. I have enjoyed myself looking around your special place and love your style. I will follow on my way out because I just know I am going to love revisiting your special place. I hope you will find the time to come visit me and do the same, if you will. Cheers SpecialK XoXo

  3. Your decorations are beautiful! Thanks for sharing

  4. How lucky you are to be able to put the wagon above the cabinets, I have room on mine too but not as much as yours! Everything is just so pretty, I love the table runner from your grandmothers stash!

  5. Like this post...lots of special touches throughout makes for a great decor. :)

  6. Fab Christmas kitchen - especially loving the white tree! Following along.

  7. Just gorgeous! I love your hubbies boyhood skates, what a great touch!

  8. That is a neat display on your kitchen shelf. We had one like that (display area) in our old abode. I miss it! Merry Christmas, andrea@townandprairie

  9. All gorgeous... but I do especially adore the use of the space above the cabinets.

    I'd love it if you could link this project up with my Simply Christmas Inspiration party at

  10. Gorgeous decorations! I love it when everywhere you walk feels like Christmas! :)

  11. Your home is beautiful! I love everything, I ordered some skates from ebay---of course they are not here yet :(...Thanks for the visit!

  12. Oh my goodness! how beautiful is your home! I love your table setting and the runner from your Grandma' tea towel linens.

  13. Wow, your home is delightful, and your Christmas decorations are simply breathtaking :)

  14. Shut to the up! Your kitchen/dining looks fan.tas.tic!
    Love the simplicity of your table!
    Kerry at HouseTalkN

  15. It all looks so lovely and inviting. I saw you feature on At The Picket Fence and just had to stop by to tell you what a great job you did!

  16. Everything is so lovely. Thanks for sharing.

  17. What a darling post. I enjoyed seeing all your lovely decorations. So warm and inviting.
    hugs ~lynne~

  18. Love that scrappy window frame! And this is like the third time I've ended up here ...

  19. Wow! Your kitchen looks amazing! Love EVERYTHING, especially your husband's boyhood skates! I have to try and dig out my husbands, such a cute idea!

  20. Love how decked out in Christmas cheer you are! Such pretty pics :)

    PS: We featured you today!



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