Monday 9 January 2012

Dreaming Up My Own Space

Happy New Year, Friends!

Did you all have a happy time celebrating Christmas and New Years?!

I apologize for being absent for so long, but I was feeling a bit burned out after all the crazy crafting before Christmas, then celebrating three different family Christmases.
This year was my first time "doing" Christmas for my little family (sans hubby, who had to work over the weekend) and my extended family. Quite the adventure, let me tell you. I have a bit of work to do when it comes to my hosting/cooking skills! My sister in law has been trying to convince me to share with you all my flop of a Christmas dinner, but I think I'm a little too embarrassed! Just picture...a not totally thawed, prehistoric sized bird that wouldn't fit into my roaster and refused to cook all the way through, a smoking oven (no yummy roasting turkey smells here, friends), a broken dish in the dairy-free veggie dish, a very diaper rashed lil boy running around sans diaper and leaving several puddles behind, starving, hovering teenagers, a less-than-delicious punch made from the rhubarb syrup I froze last summer, and a dinner table that didn't look anything like the one I took photos of. It makes for a good laugh now, but I felt like crying in the moment!
Oh well...better luck next year!

Now, after a few days of resting up (and cleaning up!), I have started making a mental list of the home improvements we (mostly I) want to see happen in 2012! It's always fun to dream, right?!

The BIGGEST goal on the list for this year is organizing and decorating my office/crafting room.
I can hardly wait! Currently, I refer to this room as my Room of Shame...I think someone could consider calling the Hoarders production team if they ever stuck their head in's a little terrifying. And, as I'm sure most of you can understand, when you're the creative type, you need a space where you can create! Right now 95% of my creating happens in a little 2.5 foot counter space between the stove and microwave in the kitchen. Not cool.
So the fact that there is a room downstairs waiting for me, but has been basically unusable for nearly a year, has driven me a wee bit around the bend.
Hubs has given me free reign over picking the decorating style in there, which I'm terribly excited about!
I always make sure he can live with any design decisions I make around the house, and even though he's pretty easy going, it does mean that things are not overly "girly" or too feminine.

Now being completely free to chose whatever I want has me a bit stumped!
What is "my" style now?
There are SO MANY styles I love!
I know I want something that is inspiring, peaceful, creative and cozy.
Naturally, I turned to Pinterest and for inspiration!

As you will see...styles that inspire me are kind of all over the place...

I LOVE this color scheme. No surprise there.
The curvy chairs are perfection...need to find me one of those.

Loving the calming color scheme with the pops of black.
Mmm hmmm.

This is the same office as in the first picture, but I'm noticing more accents of hot pink. I like it and I didn't think I'd ever like hot pink again after 1988!
(I'm sure there must be a more up-to-date word for that color now, but I don't know what it is. Anyone?)

Okay, personally, I am not a fan of this wallpaper...but I do really like the desk, chair and mirror.
So chic!

Swing over to another decorating corner and you have French that too.
So peaceful and relaxing.

I know this is a bedroom...but I just adore the shabby chicness and romantic feel of the room. So feminine!!

Can we get any different here? Wow...see what I mean?! I am all over the place.
I DROOL over this office. It makes me want to get my creative butt into shape. Okay, that sounded weird.
It just feels orderly and yet inspiring!

I'm totally nuts about this desk. L.O.V.E. it.
And the black and white chair.
And the charcoal wall color.

Then again...check out Emily's home office from Jones Design Company.
I think she and I are design kindred spirits. There's not much (if anything) in her house, I wouldn't do in my own if I could. Love her style.
Those desks couldn't be any more different from the previous one I was ooohing and aaahing over, but I sure love them!

I could do without the zebra ottoman, but other than that, I love the crisp look of the modern white table, the traditional gold mirror, funky lamps and black wall. So crisp! you can see...I have my work cut out for me just trying to figure out what exactly I want in that room.

What would you choose?
Did you see anything that inspired you?!


  1. Oh my! Sounds like we had a similar crazy time and are now on the same wavelength in wanting to carve a little space out for ourselves. This is on my list in the next couple of weeks (I've got it in a new pinterest folder called 'my space'). :-)

  2. Well, you should get an "E" for Effort at Christmas! At least your heart was in the right place. Your inspirations pictures are beautiful. Looking forward to see what you come up with!


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