Wednesday 18 January 2012

The Love of White, White, White!

Hello all!
Are you all still there??
I've been busy trying to figure out how to add more hours to my day...maybe you have the secret.
Please do share!

Alright, I kid...I haven't been trying to figure anything like that out.
I've been trying to get ORGANIZED.
I'm also discovering I have some sort of homemaking ADD.
Currently, I have two walls test painted on our main floor, one closet half organized, one armoire slightly emptied, a wreath 1/4 finished, and tea stained coffee filters laying around.
It's all part of my Ginormous 2012 Get Organized Plan.
Except maybe the wreath and coffee filters...that was merely a momentary creative escape.

Part of my Plan...and I am hoping to share it all with you to paint the trim in our house.

This is about the best picture I could find of the goldeny oak trim above the sink in the kitchen.
You can't see it here, but the sill was stained and rough and icky it blended right in with the golden cabinets on either side. I know a lot of people love oak, so hopefully you won't be offended by me saying it's just. not. my. thing. And in our house...golden oak is EVERYWHERE. Floors, doors, trim, cabinets...all tied together nicely with a very blah, boring shade of beige wall paint.

The weather has been playing tricks on us in Alberta this winter so....

...all the springy feeling sunshine (I knew it was too good to be true!) simply forced me to whip out my paint brush. I painted....and painted...

...and painted some more....

Finally...a coat of primer and three coats of semi-gloss white later...I had a beautiful, shiny white window.

I'm so in love.

I almost love doing dishes again!
Oh, the refreshing power of white!!!!

Oh...and as for the weather?
It turned cold and snowy right after I finished my little painting project.
Definitely winter again - not spring - so I dashed outside to bring a few sprigs of spruce back in and "winter-ize" the sill. I like it.

Just the look I'm aiming for in the rest of the house.
Hi ho, hi to organize I go!

What have you been up to after "Christmas" was put away??


  1. What a beautiful change! Doesn't it feel so bright and fresh and clean? Anxious to see more!

  2. Hi Evie! Your white trim looks great! White trim is my favourite too.

    I've been organizing, doing a few crafty things, and prettying up my blog... stuff I had NO time for in the past couple of months. I'm enjoying my quiet January. :)

    Hope you've been doing well.

    ~Steph @ Silver Boxes

  3. Love the redo of the blog. I'm a white trim girl too. Canadians must paint and tidy in the winter, this is exactly what I've been up to. Husband is slightly worried about what tidying plans I have for him :-)

  4. I am definitely a white trim girl. I can totally relate to all the half done projects, I am in the same boat right now.

  5. HI!!! First of all, my kitchen is ALL yellow oak: cabinets and windowsill so I FEEL YOUR PAIN, sista!!! The rest of the house has hardwood floors stained dark walnut that I LOVE and all the trim is stained dark walnut also. I am not a white trim gal. I have no idea why I chose the golden oak cabinets when we built this house (28 years ago) and my only excuse is that I was young and stupid:):) I do think your windowsill look SO much better white. I am glad you are happy with it. I, too, have been ORGANIZING like a crazy person. Our daughter and SIL and their 2 dogs are moving in with us while their new house is being built. OY!!!! XO, Pinky

  6. Bit of fun coming later on today on the blog-I'm 'tagging' you :-)

  7. sometimes I wish I had more restraint with color, because I love white, but then I love color

  8. I am thinking of painting in my kitchen but I know that when I start it will be hard to find a stopping point, so I am waiting for now.


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