Wednesday 25 January 2012

Gettin' My Act Together 2012

I mentioned it in my last plans to get organized in 2012.

I had to change that plan to "Get My Act Together 2012" instead...since there is a lot more I want to see happen and change this year than only organization.

Here's a tidbit of how life has gone down in the BPP House over the past couple years.
2010 was pretty much the worst year of our lives, definitely our married life, but possibly our single lives as well. If something could go wrong that year, it did. It was a bad, bad year.
Long story short, nothing but the grace of God pulled us through in tact.
Hubby's work transferred him to our new hometown in December of 2010, and I stayed back in our old hometown with our 2 yr. old and 6 month old and tried not to go crazy. Finally, by the end of Feb. 2011, all the relocation issues, home selling issues, renovation issues and such were OVER and we were all able to move down here and be together as a family again. It was fantastic.
In short, 2011 was spent trying to simply recover.
As a result of that, very, very little was accomplished in the area of making this home "ours".
We optimistically thought we would be able to achieve more than we did...but we didn't.

Now is 2012 and both hubby and I are feeling mostly normal again (whatever that is) and are anxious to tackle things around here.
I've spent the last year analyzing how we use our home and what we could do to make it work.

Look between your fingers if you need to, but I am about to show you our home's dirty laundry.
It ain't purdy.

First on the agenda is to CLEAN OUT THE CLOSETS!!!
We had to throw things into closets very quickly after moving in, due to two curious babies, and lots of company.
I never got around to fixing it cause...well, I don't like organizing and it's easier to close the door.

The bottom half of the closet...we like coffee, can you tell?
I don't have much cupboard space in my kitchen so I used whatever little nook and cranny I could find to throw extra "stuff" into.

The front closet.
 It's where we hang coats we never wear.
And cleaning supplies.
And water.
And extra pantry supplies.
I'm pretty sure my mom is hyperventilating now, if she's gotten this far in the post without fainting.

I'm happy to say though...I picked up some super cute wallpaper at a crazy low price ($1.50/roll) and I have some pretty sweet plans to pretty up these closets in the very, very near future! Keep your eyes open for that!
Sure hoping I didn't just shoot myself in the foot by typing that out...

Aaaaaannndd the kitchen.
Oh the kitchen. So many issues here.
First off, I have to empty that armoire out so that I can use it in my craft room. More on that later.
In order to create more storage and space in general, we plan to build bench seating along the window, then purchase a round table. I think it'll cozy up the kitchen significantly and oh...I can hardly wait for that extra storage. Before we (as in "he" sense in trying to fool you) can tackle that, however, we need to replace the flooring, so I'm keeping my eyes open for a nice, neutral tile.

Here is our living room.
Exciting, isn't it? This is something that has bothered me since the day we moved in...the furniture just blends in with the walls...the floors...the trim, etc. Blaaaahhhhh.
I'm SO EXCITED to say that we're painting those walls...finally!
I've picked out a gorgeous light grey (you can see the sample swatches by the window) that we are both crazy about it, and in fact, I've already started painting the short walls.
I can't wait to show it to you once it's all finished!
We're also planning to purchase new furniture for in here at some point this year.
I kid you not...that furniture is the most uncomfortable furniture you could find to sit on, short of a wooden pew. I bought it when I was single and was all about the look and nothing else.
I wish I could say I'm kidding, but I'm not!...the day I bought the couch/love seat, I was actually intending to purchase something espresso in color and very modern in style. I found what I wanted and was heading up to the front desk to tell the salesperson what I wanted, when I passed this set. I turned around and said, "Ohhh!! I like that one too! How much is it? Okay, I'll take it."
I never even bothered to sit on it.
Yup. Hubs has never let me live it down.

Boring, bland oak are goin' down!!!
We're planning to replace all the trim with some nice thick shaker style, glossy white trim as well as replace the doors. Or paint them white, depending on the budget. I've got board & batten in mind for this hallway too, but I have this uncomfortable, nagging feeling that I might have to do a lot of out of this world cooking and baking for hubby in order to convince him.
The days are numbered for that loverly oak and burgundy banister as well...
(How 'bout that nice 80's hallway light too?!)

Here's our teeny, tiny en suite.
We plan to put in new flooring - the bathroom is so tiny that I get to do a Sarah Richardson style "splurge" and install marble tile. I can hardly wait!! We'll paint the vanity a semi-gloss black and install a new counter top/sink and matching marble tile back splash. 

And last, but definitely not room of shame. The future office/craft space.
Some of you may have seen this picture before. It really is a scary space and every time hubby or I go in here to attempt to clean it up, we stand and stare for a while, then sigh and walk out, firmly closing the door behind us.
Well, this year it IS going to happen. It IS.
Hubs has his man-cave with the black furniture and beloved flat screen TV, and now this momma needs her mom-cave. I already shared with you some of my inspiration pictures in a previous post, and I can barely wait to get going on this mess. The armoire from the kitchen will be moving down here to house my rather ridiculous, but impossible to part with, fabric collection. I. Can't. Wait.

Well, congratulations to any of you who got this far down the post!
You really are dedicated readers if you haven't run away screaming by now!

There are a lot more personal and family goals we have for 2012, but I'll save that for another day.
For now, let's just think of pretty decorating and hope for great things in the reno dept. over here this year!!



  1. This is TOO funny! We are obviously separated at birth-check out my blog post today for a giggle.

    Maybe we should join forces :-)

  2. Evie, you and I are on the same page: 2012 is the year of "Git R Done" . Sounds like you have some good ideas, can't wait to see what you come up with :)

  3. Good luck!

    Hmm, I must say that your closets resemble mine :o)

    Have a wonderful weekend.

  4. You can do it, Evie! I'm looking forward to seeing your "after" pictures. :)

    ~Steph @ Silver Boxes


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